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> Adhesive tapes

Single side adhesive tapes

Double side adhesive tapes

  • Thin double side adhesive tapes

  • Double side adhesive foams

Single side

AC > Hook & loop closures

  • Hook & loop fastenings in textile or self-fastenings

  • With or without adhesive, adhesive according client’s specifications or requirements

  • Supplied in rolls or as die cut parts


AS > Anti-slip adhesive tapes and polyurethane bumpers

  • Anti-slip tape for stairs, slippery areas, in different formats and colors

  • Anti-slip tapes specially for wet and barefoot areas

  • Transparent polyurethane bumpers in different sizes and shapes. Highly UV resistant.


BU > Butyl tapes

  • Butyl rubbers of different compositions and presentation (cord, flat, die-cut)

  • Die-cut parts with thermo-fusible upper layer


EL > Insulating and electrical tapes

  • PVC, cotton, rayon, acetate, polyamide or PET cloth, fiberglass, PET and Polyamide film, vulcanizable PIB and EPR

  • Acrylic, thermosetting rubber and silicone based adhesives

  • Resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, insulation and protection.


FE > Single side adhesive tapes for packaging

  • PCV, PP, MOPP and “ecologic” paper support

  • Others: cellophane, easy tear PP, “Cristal” tapes, vaporized PET


KR > Single side paper support adhesive tapes

  • Smooth, creped, rough or “washi” paper

  • Temperature resistant ranging from 60ºC to 200ºC

  • Masking of delicate surfaces, resistant to water based painting processes, UV resistant


ME > Adhesive tapes on aluminum, copper or lead support

  • Aluminum from 30 up to 150 microns, with our without backing paper

  • Conductive and high temperature resistant tapes

  • Available in different colors, matte finish, black adhesive

NA > Non-stick adhesive tapes

  • Teflon, reinforced teflon or silicone supports

  • High temperature resistant silicone based adhesive

  • Tapes with non-stick surface for covering rollers


PF > Profiling tapes for painting processes

  • Temperature resistant up to 160º without leaving adhesive remains

  • Supplied in rolls from 2 mm width or in die cut parts

  • Resistant to industrial washing, painting and drying processes


PR > Single side adhesive protective tapes

  • Protection against scratches bangs and dust for all kind of sensitive surfaces during manipulation, storage or transport.

  • PE, PT, PVC supports with acrylic or rubber based adhesives, resistant to industrial processes and UV

  • UHMW-PE and polyurethane supports in different thicknesses especially to protect against friction and scratches.

  • Temporary protection of vehicles, chromed parts, PPMA and other surfaces


SE > Adhesive marking tapes

  • Adhesive marking tapes for industrial or indoor/outdoor sports hall floors

  • Bi-color warning and signaling adhesive tapes

  • Photoluminescent and reflective tapes


TX > Textile single side adhesive tapes

  • Cotton and viscose supports in different thicknesses and treatments (plasticized surface or not)

  • Tapes in different colors, matte finish (gaffer) or fluorescents

  • UV and high temperature resistance up to 180ºC






Double side

Double side adhesives tapes


> Double Sided Adhesive Tapes fine



DC > Double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Tissue, textile, PVC, Polyolefin, PP, PE or PET support

  • Acrylic, rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone based or differentiated adhesive

  • Presentation in rolls, spools or die-cut parts


GR > Adhesive tape for graphic industry, stereo mounting tape

  • Rigid PC, cotton cloth or foam with a varietyof densities and supports with thicknesses from 0.10 to 0.55mm

  • Embossed, corrugated or smooth liners according to product and application

​AF > Acrylic foam double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Thickness from 0,25 up to 3mm thickness in black, grey, white or transparent

  • Acrylic adhesive, special LSE adhesive or differentiated

  • Supplied in rolls, spools or die cut parts


BU > Butyl tapes

  • Butyl rubbers of different compositions and presentation (cord, flat, die-cut)

  • Die-cut parts with thermo-fusible upper layer

PE > Polyethylene double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Thickness from 0,3 up to 3mm in white and black

  • Acrylic or rubber based adhesive with paper or plastic liner

  • Supplied in rolls, spools or die cut parts

> Double Sided Adhesive Foams

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