Voronet. Cintas adhesivas

Voronet. Cintas adhesivas

Soluciones a medida en Cintas auto-adhesivas. Cintas adhesivas, espumas, tejidos, etiquetas, film de protección, troquelados, laminaciones, corte...

Voronet, optimal solution to serve our clients

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> Company cintas adhesivas

VORONET is a supplier and converter of specialty products always tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our main goal is to provide optimal and tailored solutions for any specific application that is defined, one that encompasses the best cost, right quality and suitable presentation for final application.

Therefore VORONET chooses the best products out of a wide range of possibilities, or develops and creates new specific products for those occasions where required.

In our production facilities we perform various transformation processes to adjust each properly selected material according specific customer specifications and requirements.

Voronet is member of the European Adhesive Tape Association  –  AFERA: www.afera.com

Voronet. Cintas-autoadhesivas





Foundation of Voronet

Voronet become supplier of Seat


Voronet settles iN Cerdanyola del Vallès


Voronet obtains the ISO/TS16949 certification




Voronet supplies FICOSA plants worldwide

Voronet acquires new facilities doubling its surface to 3000sqm.


Voronet becomes member


Voronet North America is created


> Production cintes adhesives

Our machinery park is constantly evolving and composed by state of the art equipment including the most modern production techniques adapted to our products and to the demands of our customers.

Among others we have the following production equipment:

  • Slitting machines with precision slitting as from 2mm width

  • Rotational die cutting machines

  • Flatbed die cutting machines

  • Spool winding machines with tension control

  • Laser cutting machine

  • Rewinder and slitting machines

  • Flat lamination station, 1000mm width

  • Rotational lamination station

 Production equipment for stickers:

  • Printing machines for stickers and flexible packaging

  • Rotational Flexo UVI machines with 330 and 520mm printing width

  • Water-based Flexo printing machines at 250mm

  • UVI type machines at 200mm

  • Sticker / label inspection machines

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> Our team

As from the definition of the ideal product, its design and the definition of the production process, we count a highly qualified team with extensive experience in different areas of the sector, especially committed to the quality of the final product


> Design and prototyping

Disposem dels mitjans necessaris pel disseny de qualsevol peça adaptant-la als requeriments del client: confecció de plans CAD, disseny d’utillatges productius, etc.

També tenim els mitjans necessaris per la ràpida confecció de prototips i pre-sèries, muntatges de pre-sèries i presentació de primeres mostres.

Oferim al client tota la nostra experiència per a definir la millor de les solucions tècniques possibles a les seves diferents necessitats a partir d’un disseny innovador de les peces a subministrar.


We are able to manufacture samples and prototypes loading CAD information directly into our prototyping machinery.

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> Quality and environment

Our commitment to quality and the environment is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 , ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certifications and the continuous audits conducted by our customers, especially those form the automotive industry.

We have a Quality department with full and exclusive dedication including with their own laboratory to carry out the most relevant tests, both for quality control of raw material as on finished product.


We are also able to carry out tests on specific products according clients specifications or on assemblies with our products bonded to our clients pieces to define and confirm the performance and quality of the selected materials.

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