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> Industial

Voronet has a wide selection of products for a variety of industrial sectors such as:

> Electrónica y electrodomésticos

  • PET film, Polyimide, etc. with silicone based adhesive.

  • Double side adhesive acrylic foam.

  • Sound-absorbing foams.


> Aeronautics

  • Protective films.

  • Plasma spray tapes.

  • Masking tapes.


> Graphic Arts and scenography

  • Double-sided tape for fixing clichés.

  • Splicing tape.

  • Fabric tapes matte finish.

  • Aluminium foil tape.


> Nautical and car repair

  • Special UV resistant masking tapes.

  • Double side adhesive acrylic foam.

  • Fine line tapes.

  • Masking tapes and protective films.

  • Temporary windshield and window fastening tape.

  • Double-sided foam for mouldings fixing.


> Medical

  • Double-sided tapes for medical applications.

  • Double-sided adhesive foam suitable for contact with human skin.

  • Products for hospital use “Nichiban”.


> Do It Yourself and Paint

  • Anti-slip tape.

  • Photoluminescent tape.

  • Masking tape.

  • Double side adhesive foams and tapes.

  • Coloured fabric tapes.


> Construction, assembly and profiles, lighting, etc.

  • Vinyl masking tape for outdoor.

  • Protective film.

  • Fabric tapes.

  • Sealing tapes.

  • EPDM, PU and silicone foams.

  • Double side adhesive foams.

Adapting all these products both in the presentation as in size suitable for use as:

  • Diecut parts

  • Rolls with customized width and length

  • Spool

  • Custom packaging

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