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Eco and social “Sant Jordi”

Sant Jordi (Saint George) it’s patron saint of Catalonia and a local celebration perpetuating the tradition based on love and culture. Men usually give a rose to their love ones (couples, mothers…) because of the Saint George’s legend. You can read the legend here:

This year we wanted to celebrate Sant Jordi in a special way. We have celebrated the tradition by giving a rose to the entire staff: women but men too. We contribute to the environment with organic origami roses, made with recycled seed paper, so we can plant them and see a new plant growing. The roses are made by "Apunts", a special work centre, which hire people with disabilities due to mental health disorders.

So, this year we have managed to continue the tradition by promoting our values: equality, respect for the environment and social inclusion. In summary: “passion for detail”.

Click here if you want to know more about the company Apunts.

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