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soluciones personalizadas

Voronet can contribute with personalized solutions for each client in an effective and efficient way.

Automoción OK

Our main productive activity
is in the automotive sector

The needs of our clientele are our challenges.


» Automotive

Voronet, we directly supply OEMs and their respective TIER 1 / 2 worldwide, products designed and manufactured in our Barcelona plant.

  • Mounting

  • Protection / Masking

  • Soundproofing / BSR/NVH

  • ID

» Main Automotive Customers:

solo SMP
Logotipo FICOSA
Logotipo SEAT. Cliente automoción
Logotipo Wolkswagen. Cliente automoción
Logotipo ZANINI. Cliente automoción
Logotipo HONDA. Cliente automoción
Renault, Smart, Nifco, Ichikoh
Logotipos marcas

» Assembly

Single or double-sided tapes, butyl tapes, adhesive foams and other products, supplied as a roll, long-length roll or die-cut piece, for applications such as:

  • Elements for sealing

  • Ceiling wiring fixing

  • Attachment of side moldings

  • Glass window fixing

  • Fixing of parking sensors

  • Emblem fixing

» Protection/ masked

PE, PET, PP or PVC films supplied as a roll or die-cut piece.

Products that are removed without leaving traces of adhesive or altering the surface on which they have been applied.

Applications in painting processes

  • Bumper masking

  • Masked to avoid “overspray”

  • Masked bi-color vehicles


Applications on end pieces

  • Protection of painted (even newly painted) or unpainted plastic parts

  • Protection of delicate exterior parts

  • Protection of interior areas

  • Protection of the exterior of the vehicle during the assembly process or during transport

  • Display protection

»Soundproofing / BSR/NVH

Noise-absorbing or shock-dissipating products in the form of foams, textile fibers and/or fabrics that also combine anti-abrasive properties.

  • Vehicle roof soundproofing

  • Soundproofing in trunk compartment

  • Indoor soundproofing B-Pillar

» Identification

We also make special labels with or without adhesive, printed or neutral, on different supports and with a wide variety of properties.

  • Printable security labels by laser marking for vehicle identification

  • Airbag warning label

  • Fuel type labels

  • RFID tracking tags

Industria OK
Industria 1
Industria 2
Industria 3

» Industry

We offer products for different industries backed by our experience and quality standards required by the automotive sector.
Our adhesive tapes and technical foams can offer tailor-made solutions for almost any type of sector.

» Electronics and appliances

» Nautical / Aeronautical

» Graphic Arts and scenography

» Food packaging

» Collective transport / Rail

» Health sector

We adapt all these products both in the form of presentation and the dimensions of the product for its proper use in the form of:

  • Die-cut parts

  • Custom width and footage rolls

  • Full length rolls

  • Custom packaging

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