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Voronet products are constantly evolving; One of our characteristics is to search for those products that best suit the needs of our customers, as well as the novelties that are proposed in the market.

​If you do not find the desired product on our list, do not hesitate to tell us so that we can verify your request.

cintas adhesivas
Cintas ad

» Adhesive tapes

One-sided adhesive tapes

AC > Self-sealing adhesive tape

AS > Anti-slip adhesive tapes, polyurethane bumpers

BU > Butyl tape

THE > Tapes for the electrical and insulating sector

FAITH > One-sided adhesive tapes for packaging

FT > Felts and fabrics

KR > Single-sided adhesive tapes with paper backing

ME > Adhesive tapes with aluminum, copper and lead support

NA > Non-stick adhesive tapes

FAQ > Profiling adhesive tapes for painting processes

SE > Adhesive tapes for signaling: floor marking, beaconing, photoluminescent, reflective

TX > One-sided adhesive fabric tapes

aluminium tapes
non-slip tape
adhesive tapes
adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tapes

» Thin double-sided adhesive tapes

DC > double-sided adhesive tapes

GR > Adhesive tapes for graphic arts: fixation of engravings

» Double-sided adhesive foams

AF > Double-sided acrylic foam tapes from 0.25mm to 3mm thick, in white, grey, black and transparent colors. LSE adhesives, combined

BU > Butyl tape

PE > Double Sided Adhesive PE Foam Tapes

 Double-sided adhesive tape
 Double-sided foam tape
 Acrylic foam
adhesive foam

» Foams

Adhesive-free foams / Adhesive foams


EN / EA > Rubber foams (EPDM), PE, expanded PE, PP, PU, fibers, agglomerate

  • Materials: Cellular rubber (EPDM), PE, PP, PU, PET fibers or textiles

  • Watertight, soundproofing, insulating and protective materials

  • With or without adhesive, in roll or die-cut pieces


adhesive tags

» Tags

E > Printed or neutral adhesive labels

  • Identification labels, security, inviolable, etc.

  • Double labels by overlamination, printing on the different fronts and/or on the adhesive side

  • Labels with random or hidden pincode numbering;

Films protecion
protection films

» Protection Films

PR > One-sided adhesive protective tapes

  • Protection of all types of sensitive surfaces during handling, storage and transport, against scratches, bumps and dirt

  • PE, PET, PVC supports with acrylic or rubber adhesives, resistant to industrial processes and UV

  • UHMW-PE and Polyurethane supports of different thicknesses, special to avoid friction and scratches

  • Temporary protection of vehicles, chrome, PMMA, or other types of surfaces.


PL > Plastics: bags with closure, film and covers for bodies, envelopes.

Otros prod

» Other products

AB > Abrasive Products: for painted products or the metal industry.


DE > Vending machines:

  • Manual or automatic tape dispensers

  • Double sided tape dispensers

  • Rotororbital Grinding Machines


PQ > Chemical products: Primers to improve the behavior of the adhesive, industrial cleaners

Along with the materials, we also offer standard tools and machinery for their application during the processes, such as: cutters for tapes and films, polishing machines and accessories, adhesive tape dispensers (automatic and manual), floor marking tape applicators, spatulas, retractable cords, scrapers, primer primer bottles...

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