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We design personalized solutions in the application of products for each client, in an effective and efficient way.

For each project, the technical feasibility of the different possible degrees of automation is studied. The "Business Case" of the different options is carried out in order to propose the economically optimal solution.

Our knowledge of the behavior and particularities of each material allows us to develop the ideal automation solution. We have specialized partners for the design and manufacture of specific solutions.



Degrees of automation:
» Grade 1: Manual Application Tooling
» Grade 2: Standard or modified dispensers
» Grade 3: Medium Automation
» Grade 4: High Automation / Robotization

» Advantages of automation
» Improved cycle time, savings in direct labor.
» Improvement of Quality and Repeatability.
» Improved operator ergonomics.
» Possible Optimization of the material cost (larger material formats).
» Less frequency of material roll changes.
» Reduced risk of accidents at work. Improved security.
» Less dependence on the "skill" of the operator, faster learning.



Surface protection

From the definition of the ideal product, the design of its shape and transformation process, to its production, we have a highly qualified human team with extensive experience in different areas of the sector, especially highly committed to the quality of the final product.

» Handling of thin sheets

» Free of wrinkles and bubbles

» Exact positioning of the application

» Dies and rolls (100-500 mm)


» Pre- + Post-Treatments

» Thick Adhesive Tapes

» Precise positioning

» Low tolerances

» Handling of supports, Tabulated Dies, rolls, coils


» Differentiation of materials

» Different manufacturer

» Application speed

» Complexity, Precision, dies, rolls, coils

Soundproofing / BSR/NVH

» Strong textile adhesives

» Soft and not rigid Thick and thin materials

» Coating handling

» Dies, rolls, coils

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